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If you participate in any sports or activities that require the use of your muscles, a performance boost is in order when you start to notice early fatigue or slow recovery. In Coral Gables, Florida, IV and infusion therapy clinic Drip Therapies offers several IV drip options to improve your athletic performance before an important event or when you feel that you could use some assistance. To learn more about performance-enhancing IV drips, call Drip Therapies or go online to book your appointment today.

Performance FAQ

What is performance?

Performance is defined as the affinity you have for sports and exercise. There are many components to your athletic performance, and you may perform well in one aspect of athletics but lack in another.

Performance encompasses your:

  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Power
  • Balance
  • Coordination

While much of your athletic performance is genetic, you can improve it by practicing a lot. At Drip Therapies, you can improve your performance and recovery even more with specialized IV drips and injections.

What are my performance-improving treatment options?

At Drip Therapies, your provider works with you to identify the aspects of your performance that need help in order to create your treatment plan. Among the treatments that boost your athletic performance are:

Performance drip

The formula in the muscle recovery drip contains a strategic combination of vitamins and nutrients to boost your metabolism, energy, and recovery time. It helps you gain muscle mass while losing fat at a higher rate. 

Ultimate performance boost

Even more specific to your needs, Drip Therapies offers a customizable performance-boosting IV boost to add to any available IV drip. This supplement prevents your muscles from becoming fatigued early in your workout while helping you lose fat and build muscle.

What are the benefits of enhancing my performance with IV drips?

There are many health and wellness benefits to improving your performance in a workout setting. These specialized IV drips and boosts can help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Build more muscle
  • Have more energy
  • Prevent soreness
  • See more progress from your workouts
  • Help you compete in sports and activities
  • Improve your self-esteem

Many patients choose these treatments when they have a big event in the near future, such as:

  • Races
  • Championship games
  • Climbing mountains
  • Competitive meets

The results of these boosts are immediate, so you can start training more effectively right away. You’ll see a big difference in the amount of time you can train without tiring, and you won’t need as much time to recover after an intense workout.

Staying active helps keep you healthy and satisfied with yourself. To get the most out of your workout and perform at your peak, call Drip Therapies or book your appointment online today.

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