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You’ve likely grappled with the fact that it’s impossible to turn back the clock. Your appearance and the way your body functions are both impacted by the years. At IV and infusion therapy clinic Drip Therapies in Coral Gables, Florida, the team offers specialized IV drips and injections to help keep you feeling younger for longer while holding off some of the physical developments of age. To learn more about anti-aging vitamins and nutrients, call the clinic or go online to book your appointment today.

Anti-Aging FAQ

Why am I aging so quickly?

Over time, you’ll notice many changes in your appearance and your body. While many of them aren’t harmful to your health, they do impact your functioning and self-perception. The results of aging can be traced all the way down to your cells and the way they change over time. 

Beyond your cells’ natural development, a few other factors speed up the aging process to make you look and feel older than your actual age. These factors all play a role in accelerating your aging process:

  • Alcohol habits 
  • Smoking habits
  • Dehydration
  • Time in the sun
  • A poor diet
  • Stress
  • A lack of adequate sleep
  • A sedentary lifestyle

While many of these factors are somewhat under your control, there are other contributors that aren’t. Your genetics can determine how fast you age, and so can your socioeconomic status.

What are my anti-aging treatment options?

Drip Therapies aims to combat the many telltale signs of aging with specialized IV vitamin drips and injections. Specifically, you can get:

Anti-aging drip

Also called the beauty drip, this formula contains many essential vitamins and nutrients that your cells need to ward off clinical and cosmetic signs of aging. It helps prevent some diseases, reduce symptoms of stress, and boost collagen production to tighten and firm your skin.

Beauty boost

You can add a beauty boost to any IV drip to customize the treatment. The beauty boost contains glutathione, one of the most important antioxidants in your body, to give you a refreshed mood and appearance. It helps your body run more smoothly to reduce the effects of aging.

What are the benefits of anti-aging treatments?

Anti-aging treatments, specifically the anti-aging drip, have many benefits for your health, appearance, and overall wellness. While there are too many to list them all, your provider can help identify the ones that you need most. 

After an anti-aging drip or boost, you’ll enjoy:

  • Lower cholesterol
  • Less hair loss
  • Firmer skin
  • Better sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Improved depression
  • Lower risk of cancer
  • A more functional immune system

You can add the beauty boost or other specialized boosters to your IV drip therapy to target your more specific needs. The results of your drip therapy are immediate, so you can complete your day feeling more energized and productive.

If you’re obsessing over new and permanent effects of aging on your appearance, health, or mood, call Drip Therapies or book your appointment online today.

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